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Michelle | 19 | I work at Disneyland. Coffee & Tea. Classic rock. Vintage things. Animals. Girls. Orange is the New Black. Musicals. Totally in love with Karen Gillan. People often mistake me for being drunk, buuuuut I just have a lot of energy.


i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with

Rumours Tour, Madison Square Garden, 1977.


"am I getting slightly gay vibes from her or am I wishing I was getting gay vibes from her?" my autobiography


im not even a 2nd choice im like an 8th choice sometimes a 10th


Murphy practicing his tough guy face


Murphy practicing his tough guy face

No, fuck you. I was worth it.
and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via done)



According to the song Seasons of Love from RENT, there are 525,600 minutes a year.

One line later, there are “525,000 Moments so dear”.

So, doing the math, we can glean that there are 600 moments which aren’t so dear.

And I think I just used one of them by walking in on my boss who forgot to lock the bathroom stall.

this post did not even remotely go in the direction I was expecting it to


Rolling Stone Magazine • May 1977


Rolling Stone Magazine • May 1977


kill the idea that small boobs aren’t good boobs

  #small boobs are the best boobs tbh